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Bus single estate whiskey is not for sale in stores, but only in our own online liquor store and, of course, in our own on-farm liquor store. So you always buy directly from the producer.

Often bottles of Bus Whisky are sold out even before the bottling. To be sure of your own bottle, you can pre-order each unique bottling inthee pre-sale through our webshop. You can choose to ship or pick up your bottle. You can combinthede collection of your bottle with a tour the de distillery or a B&B arrangement with overnight stay.

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Address details:
Bus Whisky Distillers | Liquor Store
Heideweg 1a
5472 LC Loosbroek (The Netherlands)

Open 7 days a week

Whisky tours

Our whiskey distillery is open 7 days a week. Each day there is a tour of the distillery at 4:00 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are additional tours at noon and 1:30 pm. TIP: Combine your tour with dinner!

Cans of Whisky | 50cl | 3 yr | 53%

Bourbon Aged €64.95

Warm aromas of grain, malt, hay and caramel fill the nose. The palate has notes of caramel, vanilla, young oak and licorice. Sweet orange and dried fruit flavors slowly develop along with delicate licorice, sweet figs and chocolate.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

Russian Imperial Stout finish €89.95

The nose has a nice complexity of pepper, chocolate with underneath a note of almond and a hint of sweet apple. A nice dry finish with pepper and bitter chocolate returning. A hint of licorice finishes it off.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

Bourbon aged | PX finish € 89.95

The nose is beautifully round and filled with raisins, apricots and nuts. Rich soft sherry notes fillthee palate with oak, dried fruits and figs alongside a hint of toasted spiciness. A lovely creamy finish with hints of spice and sherry.


make work of your passion

Bus Whisky is the most sustainable whisky distillery inthee world. Will you get on our Bus? Your passion and interests are our starting point. A tailor-made job. Gettinthede most out of your work in beautiful harmony with home.

Grain to glass | Top of its class

Thus, nose, taste and finish are appreciated:


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