Welcome to the world's most sustainable whisky

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Welcome to the world's most sustainable whisky

Since its launch in 2019, Bus Whisky has quickly established itself as a leading name in the Dutch and global whisky scene. The gold medal at the Global Green Awards 2021 in Hong-Kong, made us one of the most sustainable whisky producers in the world.

What makes Bus Whisky unique?

- Single Estate Whisky: We distill the whisky on our own farm, and our malting barley is grown sustainably around our farm without artificial fertilizers or pesticides and with flowery field margins. This small-scale, artisanal approach ensures a pure and exclusive taste. At Bus we guarantee farm-to-bottle perfection. Each release is a limited edition.

- From grain to shot sustainable: Our whiskies are produced with a passion for sustainability in every process step. We believe in "zero waste," from regenerative farming, an eco-friendly seal of varnish on our bottles made from beeswax from our own apiary, making alcohol-free beer from the left-overs after firing, to energy-efficient production processes with solar panels and heat pumps, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint. We care for the earth that gives us those beautiful grains for our whiskey every year.

- Top quality barrels: Our whiskey is mostly aged in first fill bourbon and sherry casks. We personally travel to Scotland and Spain to select the best barrels.

- A unique origin: Named after the hamlet of 'Bus' in Nistelrode, we draw our water from a rare point source, enriched with unique minerals thanks to the geological phenomenon of the Peelrand fault that has defined the landscape around the hamlet of Bus for tens of thousands of years.

- Pure Nature: We apply non-chill filtration and use no additives, so Bus Whisky retains its authentic flavors and each batch is unique.

- Art and Whisky: Each label is a work of art, designed by renowned designers and artists and inspired by our roots.

Our Prices

We have received international awards, including prizes in San Francisco, London, China, and Hong-Kong. Although our whisky is still young, our vision is clear: to produce the best and most sustainable whisky in the world.

Visit Us

Our whiskey distillery is open to the public daily. Combine a tour with a meal in our charming farm restaurant.

Restaurant Opening Hours:
- Monday - Tuesday: 15:30-22:00 p.m.
- Wednesday: Closed
- Thursday - Friday: 15:30-22:00 hours
- Saturday - Sunday: 11:30-22:00 hours

Reservations are recommended, which can be easily made online.

From €149.50 for only €99.50!


Unique package with a tour of the whisky distillery, a culinary four-course dinner and an overnight stay in our B&B with breakfast for only € 99.50 p.p. Mondays!

Open 7 days a week

Whisky tours

Our whiskey distillery is open 7 days a week. Each day there is a tour of the distillery at 4:00 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are additional tours at noon and 1:30 pm. TIP: Combine your tour with dinner!

Cans of Whisky | 50cl | 3 yr | 53%

Bourbon Aged €64.95

Warm aromas of grain, malt, hay and caramel fill the nose. The palate has notes of caramel, vanilla, young oak and licorice. Sweet orange and dried fruit flavors slowly develop along with delicate licorice, sweet figs and chocolate.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

Russian Imperial Stout finish €89.95

The nose has a nice complexity of pepper, chocolate with underneath a note of almond and a hint of sweet apple. A nice dry finish with pepper and bitter chocolate returning. A hint of licorice finishes it off.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

PX finish €89.95

Bourbon aged - PX finished. The nose is nicely rounded and filled with raisins, apricots and nuts. Rich soft sherry notes fill the palate with oak, dried fruits and figs alongside a hint of toasted spiciness. A lovely creamy finish with hints of spice and sherry.

Investing in sustainable whiskey

Don't miss the bus!

Bus Whisky issues certificates of shares through sharefunding. As a private investor, you can get in from as little as €1,000. The more sustainable whisky we sell, the more impact we can make together.

From €52.50 for only €39.50!

Friday Deal

Offer with whisky distillery tour and culinary three-course dinner for only € 39.50 p.p. on Friday evening from 5 p.m.!

Grain to glass | Top of its class

Thus, nose, taste and finish are appreciated:


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