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Bus Whisky Distillers BV offers a select group of investors the opportunity to co-invest in a Dutch Single Estate Whisky through the Bus Whisky Cask Program. By physically distilling and lagering single malt whisky, Bus Whisky Distillers BV actually creates a position in the product for investors.

Investing in whiskey is attractive because you have a position in product because the barrel becomes your property. It is stable in value, requires no maintenance, is inflation proof and generally provides a good return. To purchase a barrel, you should expect a price of €6,950 excl VAT per barrel of first fill bourbon single estate Bus Whisky (estimated filling level is 200ltr). Bus Whisky Distillers guarantees 5% return (after deducting storage and transaction costs) per year if the barrel is bought back from the investor.

The number of barrels available for the cask program is limited. If there is more interest than there are barrels available a waiting list will be used in order of registration via the form below (without obligation to purchase of course).

If you are seriously interested, please request our prospectus for investors, by filling out the form below or email Frank van Veghel, manager of the Bus Whisky cask program: You will automatically be put on the waiting list, after completing the form below.

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