Staying overnight at the whisky distillery

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Staying overnight at the whisky distillery

Whisky deal: tour + four-course dinner + overnight stay + breakfast

Bus Whisky has special whisky deals with a tour of the whisky distillery, a culinary four course dinner, overnight stay in our B&B and breakfast. Under the guidance of a tourguide you will visit the brewery, the whisky distillery, the warehouse and the bottling plant and of course you will taste the product!

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Arrival on Friday   € 129.50 p.p. Book >>   € 164.50 p.p. Book >>
Arrival on Saturday   € 129.50 p.p. Book >>   € 164.50 p.p. Book >>
Arrival on Sunday   € 99.50 p.p. Book >>   € 135.00 p.p. Book >>
Arrival on Monday   € 99.50 p.p. Book >>   € 135.00 p.p. Book >>

In the area there are plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling in nature reserve the Maashorst and opportunities to visit various museums, Alpacafarm Vorstenbosch, the Kilsdonk watermill and Castle Heeswijk. The city center of 's-Hertogenbosch (15km) is also a must.

TIP: Friday and Saturday whiskey deals can only be booked in the winter. During the summer, rooms for weddings are reserved on weekends. You can book up to 10 months ahead. Booking further ahead is unfortunately not possible. Our availability is always updated in real time. If a date is not selectable, then it is fully booked or unavailable.

Address details:
Bus Whisky Distillers | B&B
Heideweg 1a
5472 LC Loosbroek

Get to know Bus Whisky and our farm restaurant through the movie trailer below:

Frequently asked questions about our B&B rooms:

Can the dog come along? And can it come along during the tour? And in the restaurant?
The dog is welcome on our terrace, but unfortunately cannot join the tour and not in the restaurant. Also the B&B rooms are not accessible for dogs.

What does breakfast consist of?
Your breakfast the next day with fresh rolls, a boiled egg, unlimited coffee, tea, gravy and organic farm dairy products with of course Bus Whisky's own beer branola!

Is there good wifi in the rooms?
Yes, the Heische Hoeve has a fiber optic connection and all rooms have WiFi coverage

Is the package also suitable for children?
Not really. Research has shown that excessive smoking and drinking by parents leads to the same behavior in children. It is therefore advised to avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products in the presence of children as much as possible.
In doing so, set a good example yourself. Bus Whisky discourages the participation of children in our tours, although we realize that it is sometimes difficult given the family situation. We therefore also have special coloring sheets for children about distilling. These highlight the technique of distilling, the biology of yeast and the unhealthiness of alcohol. While parents take part in the tour, the children can have fun with this coloring sheet. In this way, we try to give substance to the NIX18 agreement in a good way, so that together we prevent young people under 18 from smoking and drinking. There are also no playing facilities for children. And there is open water at various places on the site, so the site is less suitable for small children anyway.

Can we stay an extra night?
Of course that is possible (subject to availability)

Can we arrive a day early?
Of course that is possible (subject to availability)




Feb. 14, 2023

Valentine deal €99.50

Is your partner a whisky lover? Then book the Valentine Deal 2023 now and receive a free aperitif on arrival!

Canister of Whisky | 50cl

Bourbon Aged €64.95

This single malt, single cask and single estate whisky has acquired its distinctive flavor and color after three years of aging in first fill bourbon barrels. Blended with a small proportion of pure pointing water, bottled, paraffined and sealed by our Master Distiller.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

Russian Imperial Stout finish €89.95

The nose has a nice complexity of pepper, chocolate with underneath a note of almond and a hint of sweet apple. A nice dry finish with pepper and bitter chocolate returning. A hint of licorice finishes it off.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

Bourbon aged | PX finish € 89.95

The nose is beautifully round and filled with raisins, apricots and nuts. Rich soft sherry notes fill the palate with oak, dried fruits and figs alongside a hint of toasted spiciness. A lovely creamy finish with hints of spice and sherry.

For only €89.50 p.p.

Camping Culinary

Unique package with tour of the whisky distillery, a culinary four-course dinner at your camper, tent or caravan with luxury breakfast box for only € 89.50 p.p.

Grain to glass | Top of its class

Thus, nose, taste and finish are appreciated:


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