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  • Become a co-owner of Bus Whisky

Bus Whisky has a mission: to be the most sustainable whisky producer in the world. Our Single Malt, Single Cask AND Single Estate whisky is distilled on our own farm. Not many single estate whisky distilleries can be found in the world. Single estate means that also the malting barley is grown by the whisky distillery itself. At Bus this is done energy-neutral and sustainable, i.e. without artificial fertilizers and pesticides and with great attention to soil and biodiversity.


Invest in one of the world's most sustainable whiskies 

In late 2019, Bus Whisky was successfully launched as a new Dutch whisky label. In just three years, Bus grew from a small start-up to one of the larger whisky producers inthee Netherlands and received multiple international awards: bronze in San Francisco, silver twice in London and gold in China. Athede end of 2021, Bus Whisky also won gold the de Global Green Awards and was named onethef de most sustainable whisky producerthein de wTheld. De more sustainable whisky wetheell, de more impact we can make together. Bus Whisky wants the take de next step with people like you, who want to make a sustainable commitment to our company. Together we wthel make de world of whisky a little more beautiful and above all more sustainable!

How do you become a co-owner of Bus Whisky?

As an investor, you become an economic co-owner and help make our company more sustainable. You can become a co-owner from as little as 1,000 euros. Participation is via a sharefunding platform that was established to make it possible for SMEs to trade equity (shares) online. Investment rounds were run in July 2022 and 2023. It is currently unknown if and if so when another round will take place.

Don't want to miss the next Bus?
So make sure you don't miss the next Bus. If you leave your details here, you will be automatically notified as soon as a next round of sharefunding occurs. Have you already invested before? Then you will be automatically notified of new investment opportunities in the future. Of course, this is without obligation and does not oblige you to anything.

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* you will not receive a confirmation email. As soon as there is a new investment round, you will be informed automatically.
** Do you want to invest € 100,000 or more? Then we will contact you to discuss your wishes because from this amount voting rights also apply.

From grain to drink

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Bus Whisky Distillers is an independent family distillery. The production process at Bus Whisky Distillers is artisanal and relatively small scale which givesthee whiskthede exclusive character of a limited edition.

Grain to glass | Top of its class

Thus, nose, taste and finish are appreciated:

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