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Research has shown that excessive drinking by parents leads to the same behavior in children. Incidentally, this also applies to smoking. It is therefore advised to avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products in the presence of children as much as possible.

Bus Whisky discourages the participation of children in our tours, although we realize that it is sometimes difficult given the family situation. We therefore also have special coloring sheets for children about distilling. These highlight the technique of distilling, the biology of yeast and the unhealthiness of alcohol. While parents take part in the tour, the children can have fun with this coloring sheet. In this way, we try to give substance to the NIX18 commitment in a good way, so that together we prevent young people under 18 from smoking and drinking!

Erik Scherder explains

Neuropsychologist Erik Scherder explains the influence of alcohol on the adolescent brain and what parents can do to support their child not to drink.

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