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Bus Whisky started a farm campsite in 2020 during corona as an experiment, which that year was immediately named one of the five of the most exceptional mini campsites in the Netherlands by the ANWB kampeer en caravankampioen. Read here the article in the ANWB Kampioen >> Our campsite is now only open on an event basis for camping culinair: this culinary emergency during the corona period has now become a fixture and a recurring event!

Camping Culinary 2023
Also in 2023 Bus Whisky organizes again at Camping Culinair with camper dinners during Easter, Ascension and Pentecost 2023, where we serve a culinary four course dinner at your tent, caravan or camper. The package consists of awhisky distillery tour + culinary four-course dinner at your camper, caravan or tent + luxury breakfast box + camping pitch + electricity.

In 2023, you can book the camping culinary package on Easter Sunday (April 9). Ascension Day (May 18) and Whit Sunday (May 28).

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Address details:
Bus Whisky Distillers | Farm Campsite
Heideweg 1a
5472 LC Loosbroek
(0413) 418016

Frequently asked questions about our camping culiniar packages:

Will we be assigned a spot or allowed to choose our own?
You may choose your own spot on site. It is not possible to reserve a place in advance.

If we come with two couples (2x campers) can we be guaranteed to stand next to each other?
We do our utmost for that and it actually always works out.

Do we have to pay extra if we put a small tent next to our camper/caravan?
No, not for the tent itself, but for any extra persons or pets.

Can the dog come along? And can it come along during the tour? And in the restaurant?
The dog is welcome on our terrace, but unfortunately cannot join the tour and not in the restaurant. Also the B&B rooms are not accessible for dogs.

Is there good wifi throughout the campsite?
No, the WiFi is concentrated around and in the building. Not all camping sites have good WiFi.

Is the campsite also suitable for children?
Research has shown that excessive drinking by parents leads to the same behavior in children. This also applies to smoking. It is therefore advised to avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products in the presence of children as much as possible.
Set a good example yourself. Bus Whisky discourages the participation of children in our tours, although we realize that it is sometimes difficult given the family situation. We therefore also have special coloring sheets for children about distilling. These highlight the technique of distilling, the biology of yeast and the unhealthiness of alcohol. While parents take part in the tour, the children can have fun with this coloring sheet. In this way, we try to give substance to the NIX18 commitment in a good way, so that together we prevent young people under 18 from smoking and drinking!
There are also no play facilities for children. And there is open water at various places on the site, so the site is less suitable for small children anyway.

Can we stay an extra night or arrive a day early?
Our campground is open on a limited basis. Arriving a day earlier is not possible because the entire location including pitches will be rented out for weddings. Staying a day longer is possible on Easter Monday and Whit Monday. This can be arranged on site.

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