Bus launches port bearing with its own tartan

Bus launches port bearing with its own tartan
March 23, 2024

A tribute to the oldest dress in the Netherlands and the rich history of the Bus hamlet.

A five-year-old single cask whiskey aged in tawny port barrels. From grain to shot, the Bus whiskey distillery in Brabant is Dutch, one of the most sustainable whiskey distilleries in the world, and the Brabanders grow their own malting barley without fertilizers and pesticides. Each new release from Bus gets a unique label. This time the label is based on the oldest dress in the Netherlands found in the hamlet during an archaeological dig.

In 2010, a remarkable grave was discovered near the hamlet of Bus in Nistelrode. This grave revealed not only a treasure trove of valuable objects, but also ancient textiles that turned all traditional notions of clothing in prehistoric times upside down. The discovery of a bright red and blue checkered wool dress definitely changed our view of clothing in prehistory.
This discovery also shed new light on the history of the hamlet of Bus, where residents thus apparently already had their own tartan 2,800 years ago. In Scotland, such a tartan is called a tartan, and these tartans have been used for centuries to distinguish between clans. Bus Whisky has had this 'Bus Tartan' officially registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans in Edinburgh and has had the fabric woven at LochCarron, the oldest and leading tartan weaving mill in the Scottish Highlands. This proprietary tartan, the "clancolour of Bus," forms the label of this latest Bus Whisky edition.

The Bus Legacy: sustainably distilled, sealed by nature.
So this new release of Bus Whisky is inspired by this rich history of Bus. The whiskey distillers not only cherish the heritage of their region, but also their tremendous commitment to sustainability. Each bottle of Bus Whisky is "sealed by nature" with a seal of beeswax sourced from their own apiary at the whisky distillery.

"We are immensely proud to present our newest whiskey, which is deeply rooted in the history of the Bus hamlet and reflects our commitment to heritage and sustainability," said Martijn Keesmaat, commercial director of Bus Whisky. "With every sip of Bus Whisky, enthusiasts can enjoy a product that is respectful of our heritage and nature. But more importantly, it tastes really great! This is one of the finest Bus releases to date."

This latest port bearing Bus whiskey has a nose of dried fruit, walnut, oak and chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and pepper in the background. Flavors of red fruit, dark chocolate paired with walnut and raisins with a small hint of vanilla in the background. A spicy and fruity finish with oak, chocolate and behind it a hint of cherries.

The new Bus Whisky featuring the unique Bus Tartan is available at select retailers and online starting this week. For more information or to reserve your bottle, visit shop.buswhisky.com.

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