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Bus whiskey tastings: experience the adventure!

Welcome to the place for whisky lovers. Whether you are a connoisseur or just starting to discover this wonderful beverage, our Bus whiskey tasting offers a unique experience you definitely don't want to miss. We offer tastings combined with a tour of our whisky distillery, but our experts can also come to you for a fun evening with friends or a corporate event!

🥃 Bus whiskey tasting at the distillery | € 50 p.p.
Dive deeper into the genesis of Bus whisky. During the tasting you will get a tour and explanation from our whisky experts. They are happy to share their knowledge, from the history of Bus whisky to the production process. Then we will taste the new make and 4 whiskies and you will discover the unique characteristics of each Bus Whisky release. Friday nights every 4 weeks, starting at 8pm.
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🥃 Bus mini whiskey tasting | from €25
Bring the magic of the Bus Whisky distillery straight to your living room with this carefully curated tasting package. The package offers an authentic introduction to Bus Whisky's specials. Fun to taste at home by the fireplace to give as a gift. Order now in our webshop for € 25. With 2 tasting glasses € 35.
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🥃 Bus whiskey tasting on location with expert | On request from 20 people and up.
Book your whisky tasting on location from mid-2024! Our experienced whiskey experts will come to you and guide you and your guests with fascinating stories and information about each glass tasted. Bring the refined world of Bus whisky to your hospitality business, liquor store or even your living room. Our on-site whiskey tasting offers you an unforgettable experience.
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🥃 Bus whiskey tasting at your corporate event
Our event partner is Peaky Hats, a company specializing in events and entertainment in typical 1920s-30s style. They also decorate themed parties such as Roaring Twenties, Great Gatsby, Peaky Blinders and SpeakEasy (secret bar). In addition to styling, Peaky Hats also provides traditional entertainment such as shoeshiners, barbers, butchers, cigar rollers, an old fashioned photographer with an old photo booth and of course the whiskey bar with Bus Whisky is not lacking. Contact Peaky Hats for a Bus Whisky tasting in '20-30s style at your event!

🥃 Bus whiskey tasting online | €35 p.p.
Delve into the rich flavors of Bus Whisky from the comfort of your own home. Join our virtual tasting and discover unique blends, interesting stories and tips from our experts. A flavorful journey, online. Book now and experience the magic of whisky, digitally!
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🎉 Bus Whisky tasting gift certificate
Whether you have something to celebrate, are looking for a unique gift or are just a lover, our whiskey tasting is an unforgettable experience to give as a gift.
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Are you ready for a taste experience at your home or other chosen venue? Contact us today and book your on-site whiskey tasting and be amazed by the world of whiskey.

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Cans of Whisky | 50cl | 3 yr | 53%

Bourbon Aged €64.95

Warm aromas of grain, malt, hay and caramel fill the nose. The palate has notes of caramel, vanilla, young oak and licorice. Sweet orange and dried fruit flavors slowly develop along with delicate licorice, sweet figs and chocolate.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

Russian Imperial Stout finish €89.95

The nose has a nice complexity of pepper, chocolate with underneath a note of almond and a hint of sweet apple. A nice dry finish with pepper and bitter chocolate returning. A hint of licorice finishes it off.

Cans of Whisky | 50cl (SOLD OUT)

PX finish €89.95

Bourbon aged - PX finished. The nose is nicely rounded and filled with raisins, apricots and nuts. Rich soft sherry notes fill the palate with oak, dried fruits and figs alongside a hint of toasted spiciness. A lovely creamy finish with hints of spice and sherry.

Cans of Whisky | 20cl | 3 yr | 46%

Gift bottle € 25.00

Canning bourbon aged single malt. Warm aromas of grain, malt, hay and caramel fill the nose. The palate has notes of caramel, vanilla, young oak and licorice. Sweet orange and dried fruit flavors slowly develop along with delicate licorice, sweet figs and chocolate.

Bus Magazine

Glossy €5.99

Now read the story of Bus whiskey comprehensively captured in the first edition of Bus magazine.

Mini tasting | 3x 25ml

Gift box € 25.00

Tasting pack of Bus Whisky includes a trio of tasting tubes of 25ml each and taste note cards. Consisting of Single malt - Bourbon cask aged, Russian imperial stout finish and a Pedro Ximénez finish

Grain to glass | Top of its class

Thus, nose, taste and finish are appreciated:

Coach Whisky Wikipedia


  • Bus launches port bearing with its own tartan
    A tribute to the oldest dress in the Netherlands and the rich history of the hamlet of Bus, a five-year-old single cask whiskey aged in tawny port barrels. From grain to shot, the Bus whiskey distillery in Brabant is Dutch,...
  • Bus goes Bio
    Bus Whisky goes Organic! During the De BioBorrel in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, Bus Whisky announced its intention to switch completely to organic cultivation of malting barley from 2025! To make the switch to organic from 2025...
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    We are pleased to welcome Martijn Keesmaat as commercial director at Bus Whisky. Martijn was previously commercial director of Hooghoudt in Groningen. His passion for the world of whisky means that he is now leaving the far North for our...

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