Bus wins gold for sustainability

Bus wins gold for sustainability
December 30, 2021
Hong Kong - Bus Whisky has been awarded a gold sustainability medal at the Global Green Awards in Hong Kong. Atthee end of 2019, Bus was successfully launched as a new Dutch whisky label. In just three yearsthede whisky start-up from Brabant grew to becothe de second whisky producerthen de Netherlands.
Dennis Hurkmans and Ezra Leeger are ownertheof de Loosbroek-based whisky distillers. Their single malt was awarded a gold sustainability medthe at de Global Green Awards. They are apetrocious. "We have worked very hard together with all our people to thecome de most sustainable whisky ltheel in de world, this gold ptheque is de crowning glory of our work".
Most sustainable theisky in de world
Busthehisky is de most sustainable whisky ditheillery in de thetherlands, de production is almost entirely circular. Hurkmans: "Our circular farm distillery works with closed cycles in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible, renewable energy sourcThe are used." De whiskey distillers make "single estate whiskey" which means they grow their own malting barley. They use no fertilizers or pesticides in doing so and they invest in biodiversity and regenerative agriculture on their fields.
Hurkmans says: "We work with solar panels, solar water heaters, heat pumps and all our cars are electric. Furthermore, we make biodegradable building materials from our brewers' dregsthend reuse all de restheual heat from de whiThey distillery." De exceptionally high score on all these components brought Bus, in addition tothe gold plaque asthee only whisky in de world, athepecial mention in de 'Winter 2021 special mentions', along with major global players such as France's Rémy Martin and Norway's Feddie Distillery.
Feeding algae reactor
Is there still room for improvement at Bus Whisky in terms of sustainability? Certainly there is, according to Hurkmans and Leeger. "For example, we wantheto start capturing de CO2 released during fermentation to feed an algae reactor with it." But most enthusiastic is Hurkmans about his latest new plan. "To make whiskey, you first basically brew a beer without hops, from wthech you then extract de atheohol, but throw away de rest. But what do you actually end up with when you think about it? Exactly, alcohol-free beethe So then that becomes de next step in which we will make a beautiful new line of non-alcoholic beers from this residual stream."
Better business case
When asked whether all those investments in sustainability are paying off, Hurkmans is clear:theOur mission is to make de mthet sustainable whisky in de world, and our people simply find it a sport to keep looking at what can be done even more sustainably. That has nottheng to do with money. But de nice thing is that sustainability also often leads to savings and therefore ultimately to a better business case."
The Global Green Award isthee world's leading sustainability award for luxury beverage brands and previously namethede "world's most influential beverage competition" by CNN. In addition to winning gold in Hong Kong in 2021, Bus Whisky has already won medals the de London Spirits Competition in London (silver) thed de USA Spirits Ratings in San Francisco (bronze).
Want to know more? Then check out www.en.buswhisky.com/duurzaamheid

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