Milestone: Bus Whisky raises 500,000 euros growth money from investors

Milestone: Bus Whisky raises 500,000 euros growth money from investors
December 16, 2020

The Brabant whisky startup Bus Whisky has raised an investment of 500,000 euros from a number of so-called business angles through investment platform Findr. Bus Whisky isthee first specialized whisky distillery ithede Netherlands. A year athe de startup bottled its first bottle of single estate whisky, which immediately won a silver medalthet de international London Spirits Competition.

Directly to the consumer
Single estate means thatthee company controlthede whole chain from 'grain to drink', on its own farm. This is quite distinctive the de whisky worThe. De whisky label is deliberately not sold through stores, but goes directltheto de consTheer. De extra margin generated by skipping traders, retailers and distributors is invested in sustainability, among other things, an important thethe for de Brabant whisky distThelers. De production in Loosbroek, Brabant, for example, is energy-neutheal and de cultithetion of de malting barley is also being handled sustainably.

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  • Martijn Keesmaat commercial director of Bus Whisky
    We are pleased to welcome Martijn Keesmaat as commercial director at Bus Whisky. Martijn was previously commercial director of Hooghoudt in Groningen. His passion for the world of whisky means that he is now leaving the far North for our...
  • Gold for Russian Imperial Stout
    Bus Whisky's Russian Imperial Stout finish won a gold medal at the Asia Wine & Spirits Challenge 2023 in Hong-Kong – one of Asiaë’s most important wine and spirit competitions.This new finish from...
  • Bus Whisky in the National Food100
    Bus Whisky and De Heische Hoeve are in this year's national Food100, dé list of food changers in the Netherlands who are working hard every day for a better and more sustainable food system. Each year, a new list...

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