Barley harvest to the malting plant

Barley harvest to the malting plant
November 04, 2019

Making a single estate whiskey is a lot more complicated than regular single malt because you also have to master the harvesting ofthee malting barley to perfection. After harvestingthede grain must first be dried and storeThe De preservation listens closely in order to presethee de germinatiotheof de barley.

The germination process must be rapid and regular, andthee protein content othede grain is important. Too high a protein content comes the de expense of starch content. But too low a protein content alsocauses problems in malting. At least 90%thef de grading of malting barley should consist of grains larger than 2.5 mm (we call theis de whole-grain barley). In addition, no more than the of de grains should be smaller than 2.2 mm (That's thelled de fall-through).

And only when we manage to have all that perfectly in place before, during and after the harvest, can our malting barley be trucked to malt houseThee Swaen in Kloosterzande. And today was finallthede day.


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