Technical service employee (8-16 hours per week)

  • Technical service employee (8-16 hours per week)

Employee technical service(8-16 hours per week)

At De Heische Hoeve and Bus Whisky we are always in motion. Maintenance, renovation and expansion; we like to build on the relaxation of our guests and the production of our regional delicacies, beers and our whiskey. Every day again.

As employee technical service you work for both the De Heische Hoeve and Bus Whisky. In collaboration with colleagues you ensure that the buildings, installations and equipment are in good condition. You do this by regularly performing checks, periodic maintenance and repairs. You work largely independently, but of course have regular coordination with your colleagues and external partners such as installers and contractor.

As our new technical service employee, you know something about electrical engineering, heating, water, and you are a handy handyman who performs maintenance largely in-house and enlists the help of suppliers when necessary. You are well able to deal with ad hoc work and prioritize well. This is also an ideal position for someone who is retired and wants to work a few extra days, but wants to be able to determine their own days and hours.

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