Bus Whisky in the media

Whisky blogger Dennis Hendriks:

"A young whisky already so rich in aroma and flavor. Great!"

There are still plenty of hidden gems in the Netherlands. Bus Whisky in Loosbroek just underthee smoke of 's Hertogenbosch is one of them, hidden betweethede woods athe de countryside. Dennis Hendriks took a look.

Daily newspaper Trouw

"Visiting master distiller Marcel"

In the section 'Drinking', Trouw puts a (non-)alcoholic drink underthee microscope every week. Antal Crielaard reported on his visit tthede Bus Whisky distillery.

Algemeen Dagblad

"These Dutch whiskies come out best in test"

Raising a glass, but for once with homegrown whiskey. The AD panel tastes for. "Who thinks of Scotland anymore?"

Misset Catering

"Interest in Dutch-sourced whisky is exploding"

Emergence of Dutch whisky: already more than 20 distilleries. A great opportunity for restaurants and hotels to put a local whisky on their menu.

Grain to glass | Top of its class

Thus, nose, taste and finish are appreciated: