Bus Whisky in the National Food100

Bus Whisky in the National Food100
June 09, 2023

Bus Whisky and De Heische Hoeve are in this year's national Food100, the list of food changers in the Netherlands who are working hard every day for a better and more sustainable food system. Each year a new list is compiled of the 100 most progressive and promising food changers of the moment. The list is compiled each year by an independent and expert jury.

Together for a better food system
Today's food system is not good enough for the 21st century, according to the Food100 organization. Unhealthy eating habits, loss of biodiversity, unequal power relations and global warming are, according to the club from Ede, just some of the enormous number of undesirable consequences of a growing world population and the need to feed it cheaply. Fortunately, there are people standing up who believe in better and fairer food and drink for all. Without them, no change. Food100 wants to encourage them and provide a stage. Co-owner Dennis Hurkmans is happy about it: "It's a nice compliment that we get a stage and are seen as one of the 100 game changers in food in the Netherlands."

North Brabant is proving to be a hotspot for food and a good breeding ground for the difference-makers of the future. This year there are no less than 17 Brabant food changemakers in the list. Dennis Hurkmans: "No idea who nominated us, but very much appreciated! Our whole team from whiskey distillers to beer brewers, from chefs de cuisine to food designers and from permaculture specialists to food foresters and all those other great colleagues: they deserve this compliment! In recent years we have been able to attract the best people in their fields and thanks to their efforts we can make the world a little bit more beautiful and sustainable. And we have really only just begun. Together we eat and drink the world more beautiful. Starting in Brabant!"

Roel Schutten, director of Agrifood Capital presents the Food100 award to Dennis Hurkmans
Photo credits Agrifood Capital



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