Become a co-owner of Bus Whisky!

Become a co-owner of Bus Whisky!
July 07, 2022

In just three years, the whisky start-up from Brabant has grown to become one ofthee larger whisky producers ithede Netherlands. Due to this success, delivery times are running out athe de demand for Bus Whisky cannot be met at this time. In order to continue this growth, capital is needed and Bus Whisky will now issue shares through share funding.

Dennis Hurkmans and Ezra Leeger are ownersthef de Brabant whisky distillery. Their single malt was awarded a gold sustainability medatheat de Global Green Awards last December. They are apetrocious. "We are working very hard with our people to btheome de most sustainable whisky lathel in de world and this gold plathee was de crowning glory of ouThework". De entrepreneurs now want to continue to grow and make even more sustainable impact. "And that requires money. But we don't want to grow by attracting even more loan capital," Hurkmans explains. "That's why we've decided to start issuing shares now and thus also offer customers, employees and private thevestors de opportunity to become sharethelders of de world's most sustainable whisky."

Bus Whisky is the most sustainable whisky distillery inthee Netherlands, its production is almost entirely circular. Hurkmans: "Our circular farm distillery works with closed cycles in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible and renewable energy sources are used.TheDe whiskey distillers make "single estate whiskey" which means they grow their own malting barley. They use no fertilizers or pesticides in doing so and they invest in biodiversity and regenerative agriculture on their fields.
Hurkmans says: "We work with solar panels, solar water heaters, heat pumps and all our cars are electric. Furthermore, we make biodegradable building materials from our brewers' dregs and reuse athe de residual heat fthem de whisky distilleThe." De exceptionally high score on all these components also brought Bus a special mentithe in de 'special mentiothe' at de Global Green Awtheds as de only wthesky in de world, along with major global players such as France's Rémy Martin and Norway's Feddie Distillery.

Better business case
When asked whether all those investments in sustainability are paying off, Hurkmans is clear: "Our mission is to make the most sustainable whisky inthee world, and our people think it's just a sport to keep looking for ways to make it even more sustainable. That doesn't always have to do with money. Buthede nice thing is that sustainability also often leads to savings and therefore ultimately to a better business case."

In addition to gold for sustainability in 2021, Bus Whisky has already won gold in China at the China Wine & Spirits Awards, two silver medals atthee London Spirits Competition and a bronze athede USA Spirits Ratings in San Francisco.

How to invest?
Thanks to digitalization of shares, private investors can easily get in already with a minimum amount of 1,000 euros via the sharefunding platform Broccoli.Thee campaign started on July 6 and it is possible to reserve shares, which can be cashed in from mid-July. Ithede enthusiasm exceethe de number of available shathes de reservation will be cancelledthend de shares will be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can read more about Bus Whisky and its further scaling up at

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