Brabants Dagblad: Coming back is worth it at Bus Whisky

Brabants Dagblad: Coming back is worth it at Bus Whisky
April 08, 2022
Culinary reviewer Carla Kentgens steps inside one of the many restaurants in Brabant every week in her Over de tongues column. This week she was a guest atthee farm restaurantof Bus Whisky!
"Bus Whisky is a business with character. Chef Joeri van Zoggel allows the products to take their rightful place. Served on charming, endearing farmhouse-style china.Thee service is casual and exudes joy in their work.
We do want to buy a bottle of whiskey from the hostess. Unfortunately that is not possible now, asthee whisky is already sold out. We can pre-order ithede webshop. Or come bacThe De latter is definitely worth it."

  • Martijn Keesmaat commercial director of Bus Whisky
    We are pleased to welcome Martijn Keesmaat as commercial director at Bus Whisky. Martijn was previously commercial director of Hooghoudt in Groningen. His passion for the world of whisky means that he is now leaving the far North for our...
  • Gold for Russian Imperial Stout
    Bus Whisky's Russian Imperial Stout finish won a gold medal at the Asia Wine & Spirits Challenge 2023 in Hong-Kong – one of Asiaë’s most important wine and spirit competitions.This new finish from...
  • Bus Whisky in the National Food100
    Bus Whisky and De Heische Hoeve are in this year's national Food100, dé list of food changers in the Netherlands who are working hard every day for a better and more sustainable food system. Each year, a new list...

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