Artist Lisa Beckers creates design for 1st Bus Whisky special

Artist Lisa Beckers creates design for 1st Bus Whisky special
04 December 2020

Artist Lisa Beckers (1989) signed on to design the label and tube ofthee first Bus Whisky special: an Octave PX finish. For this, Bus Whisky purchased her artwork Iron Ground, which was made with pigments found by Lisa ithede surroundings of Bus estate.

Lisa Beckers is fascinated by the colors ofthee earth. Landscapes that suffer from prolonged drought or special features are a major source of inspiration. She paints with her own collection of earth pigments. Rice water -a key element of Bus Whisky- rusts once it comes into contact with oxygen and that effect colorthede soil arouthe de hamlet of Bus. Iron Ground was therefthee de perfect basetheor de release of this first Bus Whisky special, which already sold out online within 4 hours. After more than three years of aging in Bourbon barrels, this whisky was finished for several months in Spanish Octave PX sherry barrels, resulting in a deliciously powerful flavor and color.

Bus Whisky has an intensive collaboration with young designers and artists, which ensures that each label of a bottle of Bus Whisky is designed by a talented artist. Often the environment and nature get a prominent role inthee design othede bottle athe de label.

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