Artist Sanne van den Elzen creates label for Bus Whisky

Artist Sanne van den Elzen creates label for Bus Whisky
November 06, 2019

Artist Sanne van den Elzen from Amsterdam designed the label for Bus Whisky. Sanne made a cyanotype ofthee earth layers othede Peelrand fault for this purpose.

Bus Whisky uses its own source of point water. When pointing water reaches the surface, it starts to rust and iron ore is formed. Beginning inthee 19th century, iron ore was used industrially as an iron earth and this application created Prussian blue, one othede first synthetic pigments. Prussian blue is althe de color that develops in cyanotype, an ancient photographic process that creates a cyano-blue print.

"This historical data made it a nice experimental assignment," the artist explains. "Especiallythee links with cyanotype anthede origin of Prussian blue I found very special details to work with." Sanne has used this old photographic technique to visualithe de Peel rim break. In doing so, Sanne goes backtheo de origins of her art form of photography and back her own roottheon de hamlet of Bus where she grew up. Her handmade cyanotype has btheome de basthe for de label of Bus Whisky. Our new Dutch whisky will be launched Novembethe15 at de International Whisky FesTheval in De Hague.

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