Setback for Bus Whisky

Setback for Bus Whisky
May 26, 2019

In early 2019, Bus Whisky was in the news intheeBrabants Dagblad in connection witthede pointing source at our location in Loosbroek that after investigation turned out to be a leak the de network of Brabant Water. As pointing water is a unique part of our whisky proposition and we had by now spent over a year working on water analyses and sampling protocols, this could rightfully be called a setback.

Pointing water is anatural phenomenon that occurs on the high side ofthee fault (callethede Horst). Because the de pressurethef de earth, water spontaneously cometheto de surface in high places, but mothe of de pointing water remains underground. We want to use this pointing water, which is very rich in minerals, to 'dtheute' de whisky from cask strength to bottle strengththeuring de bottling process and thus give our whisky an area-specific signature. To do that, oftheourse, de water has to meet a lot of requirements. During this process we were working with our source and a geohydrological investigation made it clear that leakage from a pipe of Brabant Water could not be excluded. Well, and then you have to 'take yourtheater to de doctthe' and in de meantime it has been proven and confirmed that this was indeed a leakage of over 30 ythers old in de Brabant Water pipeline system. theu can read de whole story here viaBrabants Dagblad.

This meant that we had to start again looking at how we could start using pointing water for application in whiskey. That could be from one of the other (drilled) wells onthee Bus Whisky property that also contain pointing water. Meanwhile, we have all re-evaluatethede associated procedures and food safety assurances and assessed them for feasibility and practicability. So it was a setback and we had to go back the de drawing board, but now we hthee de necessary analyses and reports in place to use point water for our whisky withein de required legal frameworks.Setbacks are also part of entrepreneurship and success is a matter of getting up once more than you have fallen down. That's what we did and that's why we are now where we want to be. And we have a great story to tell :)

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